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TRI-ACOUSTIC soundproof door


The doors are intended for partition walls, where we need to prevent transmittance of noise to other rooms (e.g. offices, dining rooms). We offer the option of double-faced rotary steel doors of special design enhanced with sound proofing elements.


It is possible to choose from the single-wing or double-wing design.
We can supply the sound proofed doors in full or partially glazed design.
The TRI-ACOUSTIC doors are certified and have a sound dampening effect of up to 45 dB according to the sealing of the wing in relation the floor:

  • with drop strip 44 dB
  • the threshold and drop strip 45 dB

TRI-ACOUSTIC soundproof door


Surface finish:

An obvious aspect is double protection against corrosion by hot galvanising and Comaxite powder coating in shades according to the RAL scale. The doors can be supplied in stainless steel design.


Door frame:

The wings can be fitted into the system door frame of design: block/lined/corner


Door equipment:

  • security fittings
  • panic fittings
  • maintenance free heavy-duty hinges with stainless steel cover
  • self-closing device
  • drop threshold strip or sealing brush


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