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Company history

TriLine s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of doors, industrial doors, fire and smoke doors. From the outset, we have focused on custom products according to customer requirements. We supply our products on the territory of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Quality materials and processes

Our objective is to offer a product with high utility value and long service life.

Focus on customer
An individual approach to customers is one of the basic points of our business strategy. Within the scope of efforts to accommodate the customer to the maximum possible extent, the company is ready to prepare a complete price offer, not only of the steel or aluminium lock sets, but also wooden and plastic lock sets in collaboration with reputed manufacturers. Thanks to the flexibility of the production plant and our employees, we are capable of continuously expanding the product range depending on the needs of our customers.

2001 founding of TriLine s.r.o.
2001 start of production in a hall in the premises of Báňských staveb in Ostrava-Přívoz
2003 entry of the company to the Slovak market
2004 for reason of expansion of production capacities, production was relocated to new premises at ul. Novinářská, Ostrava-Mar.Hory